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I share seven easy healthy family dinner recipes in this “What we eat in the farmhouse” winter edition.

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Last summer I shared a post called 5 Tips for Healthy Meals Every Night Without Planning. To sum it up, basically I talk about my inability to successfully implement meal planning, like all the Pinterest moms. I blame it on my personality type.

I threw away the dry erase board, homemaking binder and recipes, and just started cooking real food.

As a follow up to that post, I wanted to share a real honest look at what that looks like here in the farmhouse. No lists, no recipes, no plan, seven dinners.

Here is what we eat in a week. Winter/ selling our house is CRAZY times edition.

These healthy family dinner recipes are perfect for the traditional cooking family. Fermented sourdough, hearty soups and plenty of vegetables make up this ‘what we eat in a week’ winter edition at the farmhouse.

I have shared a few ‘what we eat in a week’ videos here on my blog. You all seem to love them for a little practical mealtime inspiration. These videos are few and far between, for obvious reasons. Who wants to bust out a camera during the mealtime rush? Not this lady!

This particular version is a little different, because life is CRAZY right now. We have our house on the market, so at a moment’s notice we find ourselves hiding dishes in the basement and five kids in the van. Oh, and speaking of the van, it basically looks like we moved into it. Our stuff is stashed literally everywhere to make tidying for showings a little quicker and easier.

We ran out of our beloved sauerkraut, which is usually a staple side dish, but guess what I not going to put out on the counter while real estate agents and home buyers are chomping through?! We love the stuff, but the smell may be a bit off-putting.

Alright, well enough with the excuses. This is the real life ‘what we eat in a week’ at the farmhouse!

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