DIY STARBUCKS PINK DRINK! Coffee Free Refresher!

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“Starbucks Secret Menu” Starbucks Drinks


Hey everyone!

In todays video I’m showing you the new starbucks pink drink and how you can make the starbucks pink drink at home! DIY style!

This pink drink is so popular on instagram right now and is basically the strawberry ace refresher made with coconut milk instead of water!

Hope you enjoy!


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You don’t need to attend the culinary school to serve food like a chef.

We have a collection of hacks on how to make a perfect dinner and decorate desserts. Your guests will be amazed by the dream dinner that you cooked by your hands.

Here are life-saving kitchen hacks:
– Decorate your dishes with perfect tomato roses
– Check out a funny way to cut cucumbers
– Turn strawberries into roses just in 1 minute
– Onion lotus is an easy and fun dish to make, cut an onion to make a lotus. Add oil, balsamic and salt. Bake and enjoy!
– find out how to take a cheap syringe and turn it into a super useful kitchen tool
– turn an apple into a turtle or crab

I bet you have at least a couple of eggs in the fridge as it’s the most popular product in the world.

Eggs are one of the simplest ingredients and so healthy and tasty.

We are ready to help you to cook perfect eggs. In this video, there are a lot of hacks with eggs:
– egg rolls are super delicious and we have a super easy recipe
– use dental floss to cut an egg
– make a super easy egg sandwich. Boil egg, peel, and chop. Add mustard and herbs. Add the egg mixture on the bread. Voila!
– check out a recipe of the omelet in a plastic bag. You will need a heat-resistant food bag, eggs, bacon, and vegetables. Put all ingredients into a bag and seal the bag. Boil the water and put the bag with ingredients inside.

Did you know what is the best dish to cook to win the dinner party?

Tornado potatoes!

This dish is so popular nowadays and you don’t need special cooking skills. Take a couple of potatoes and push a wooden skewer through the center of each potato.

Using a sharp knife carefully cut in a spiral motion from one side to other of each potato.

Now divide the potato slices to give them some space and use spices and topping you want.

Add sauce and enjoy!

00:09 Serve the dinner like a chef
04:37 Tomato roses
06:46 Onion lotus
10:04 Simple egg roll recipe
12:37 Egg hacks
16:21 Tornado potatoes


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