Sky Hunter Official Trailer – Fan Bing-Bing Action Movie

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Sky Hunter Official Trailer: Watch the trailer for Li Chen's new action movie starring Fan Bing Bing, Tomer Oz, Wang Qian Yuan, Li Jia Hang, Zhao Da, Li Chen Hao, Guo Ming Yu, Ye Liu and Lu Si Yu.

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Wu Di (Li Chen), Ya Li (Fan Bing Bing), Ling Weifeng (Wang Qian Yuan), Hao Chen (Li Jia Hang), are air force pilots. During the parade, they receive a sudden test to be selected to train in the air force’s secret base called Sky Hunter. Wu Di and Ling Weifeng passed the test, whereas Hao Chen was eliminated. Through a series of training, Wu Di and four other soldiers made it to the Sky Hunter secret base. However, news broke that Hao Chen has been captured by the rebel army of B country. Wu Di leads several recruits and receives a video of Hao Chen from B Country. Ling Weifeng promised Wu Di to attack B Country and rescue Hao Chen. An air war was imminently brewing…

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