Easy Healthy Recipe: Savory Dinner Crepes with Mediterranean Filling

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Growing up, my mom frequently made crepes from scratch. More often than not, she made the crepes for her cheese blintzes (which, by the way, were absolutely amazing!!) Regardless of what she made them for, we always ate crepes as a sweet breakfast-y brunch food.

It wasnt until recently I realized you can also eat crepes as a savory lunch or dinner food. In my Whole Foods Diet Cookbook I make crepes for a homemade manicotti that is to-die for delicious. But, I just the other day got the idea to use the crepes from my manicotti recipe for something similar to taco night, using crepes instead of taco shells. In case youre not familiar with taco night, its a family-friendly dinner idea where you put out a bunch of ingredients and let everybody fill their own taco shells buffet-style. Kids love it! (by the way, if you are going to do Taco night make sure you use a healthy taco shell such as Garden of Eatin brand). You can be super creative with the fillings. Although Im doing more of a Mediterranean theme today you can go Mexican with pinto beans, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese and rotisserie chicken or vegetarian with seared tofu and roasted veggies, etc. The possibilities are endless

As for the crepes, you can make them a super healthy whole food by tweaking the traditional recipe just a bit. Instead of using regular all-purpose flour (which is a highly refined empty calorie carbohydrate) I use white whole wheat flour. The white whole wheat flour has the same nutritional properties of whole wheat flour, but it tastes and bakes more like the conventionally used (but not-so-healthy) all-purpose flour. I also spike my crepes with ultra healthy omega-3 rich flaxseeds. Packing a powerful nutritional punch, flaxseeds provide a fabulous source of highly anti-inflammatory vegan omega-3 fats and cancer-fighting phytoestrogens in the form of lignans. Flaxseeds are also loaded with tummy-filling. But, to fully benefit from the broad spectrum of nutrients (and not just the fiber) contained within the seeds, its important the flaxseeds are ground. I buy Barleans Forti-Flax because the flaxseeds 100% organic and already ground for me. In addition to the nutritional boost, youll love the slightly nutty flavor the flaxseeds contribute to the savory crepes.

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