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War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer #4 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Woody Harrelson, Judy Greer, and Andy Serkis! Be the first to check out trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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A nation of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar becomes embroiled in a battle with an army of humans.

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  1. I can’t finish watching this trailer I feel as if they will spoil it before I reach the cinema😣

    1. Kelsye Jordan it will spoil some parts of it…because when you watch 0:35 to 0:45 it probably shows that Caesars wife Cornelia and his young son is died or something…. I’m not sure but when those two apes where lying died on the ground Caesar started crying like they where his family…but still not sure?!?!

    2. juan cardenas Come on man, they didn’t appear in almost any trailer except for one shot. It was obvious

    1. I do love when you guys try to use the term “snowflake” in reverse like you’re super witty.

    2. It was not a Trump supporter that tried to gun down people with different opinions at a baseball game.

    1. Everybody has their likes and dislikes. Just remember that it’s not going to be the same as yours. Nothing wrong that. That’s just life

  2. when you realize this movie’s director is gonna be directing the new Batman solo movie and it’s gonna be as epic as this one is

    1. Christ Jesus they wont. Jeremy Jahns’ review said all these trailers dont give away almost anything and the movie isnt gonna be what you think it is.

    2. David Ackerman we now know that ROCKET CORNEILA And even BLUE EYES are dead so how is this nothing

    3. Lol the opposite reason for me. These trailers have like what… a few seconds of new stuff? But they’re mostly repeating the same tired lines over and over again.

  3. I’m not watching this trailer, I’ve seen enough and hooked, and despite being half a month away I’m not gonna watch anymore marketing for the film. Please be smart and stop saying “they’re ruining the film” YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DECIDES WHAT TO WATCH.

    1. Dormammu It’s basically the first trailer with like 4 extra scenes but it does spoil something about caeser

    1. I can say whatever I want. Times of religious wackos telling people what to say and what to think are gone. If there is god show me scientific evidence of it’s existence.

    2. Dunno. Ask Saif Ali. He is the one who started talking about something he calls god.

    3. Pavel Berlin the Science doesn’t tell you if there is a God or not but the history do , also I respect your opinion if you believe or not that’s not my concern

    1. So you are the expert of films pattern, tell me, how’s the outcome of disapproved-at-first Ledger’s Joker? Nobody can re-create memorable Joker they said.

    2. Thomas Vielhuber they wont. Jeremy Jahns’ review said all these trailers dont give away almost anything and the movie isnt gonna be what you think it is.

    1. Jack Thompson: You are correct. It’s right there in wikipedia. His name is Red and he joined the humans. Along with others who used to follow their fallen leader Koba whom Caesar killed. I have also read it other places as well.

    2. Alexander Atheist Dunnachie98: planetoftheapes. wikia. com / wiki/ Red

      “Red is an altered gorilla who will appear in War for the Planet of the Apes. Red was one of Koba’s followers who defected to Colonel McCullough’s forces and has the word “DONKEY” tattooed on his back. He will be the secondary antagonist of the film.”

      “No matter what you do, you’ll never be one of them. You are ape..”
      — Caesar reminding Red of what he is in War for the Planet of the Apes.”

      “Go look it up” indeed…lol

  4. I will be so hyped if Koba comes back as a leader of rebel apes who didn’t follow Caesar, saves Caesar in one of the battles, and says “I told you so.”

    1. Agent Smith read the plot? I probably know more about this whole franchise in my pinky than you do in your entire self. Trailers mislead and cause you haven’t seen the movie, you don’t know. I don’t know but I’m being optimistic. I already stated one reason. And is in another trailer, Caesar straight up tells Cornelia “tell my son who his father is” right before, I’m assuming, he goes off to fight or find Woody’s character.
      Read the plot…movie only has a synopsis right now, genius.

  5. I really wish the trailer hadn’t shown the death of his female partner and his son 😕

    1. Dankest Media Group me too. I mean it was basically already confirmed but they didn’t have to show it.

    1. Joseph Morgan yes he also plays Kong in Peter Jackson’s king Kong movie. he is the king of mocap

  6. It is so tragic that since things go so wrong in his life that Caesar begins to relate with Koba and even uses Koba’s quote as his motto: “Apes Together Strong!”

    1. Koba didn’t make that quote, Caesar did when he and Maurice were talking at the San Bruno Ape Sanctuary in Rise.

      “Why Cookie Rocket?”
      “Apes alone, weak” *snaps sticks*
      “Apes together, strong” *bends sticks together*

    1. Hudson Davis Oh and by the way, that was Blue Eyes’ mother (Cesar’s wife) next to him.

    2. Rewetting it though and being an optimist, it could just be blood that looks like claw marks. They didn’t look like they were in the same place.

    3. Hudson Davis I looked up some pic of Blue Eyes, and they’re in the exact same spot. Three claw marks.😰

  7. Anyone else feel bad for Caesar? It’s like he can never get a break. Betrayed and left by his human family. Betrayed by Koba which led to war. Nearly lost his mate and now losing his oldest son to humans.

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