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The Emoji Movie International Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Anna Faris, T.J. Miller, and Sofía Vergara! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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Gene, a multi-expressional emoji, sets out on a journey to become a normal emoji.

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    1. They just delayed it and Genndy Tartakovsky left the project for his original project Can You Imagine? and for the fifth season of Samurai Jack.

    1. Angellus Black that’s why we have trailer of war for the planet of the apes in the same day to remind us about that😕

    1. +Fixed Fun Also judging by the trailer it seems like they are gonna rely on YouTube videos to squeeze in more jokes to make it feel relatable to the generation. **cringes**

  1. This honestly reminds me a lot of Wreck It Ralph. And if they stick to the cleverness of movies like that it could be pretty good. Don’t get the dislikes. I’ll admit I rolled my eyes the first time I heard about an emoji movie but coming to a trailer with the sole purpose of disliking it seems stupid. Not like the trailer itself was bad. And tbh the movie probably will be decent enough of a cartoon for kids and it’ll probably have enough jabs to our everyday phone habits as this trailer already teased

    1. tbh looking at the plot now, it seems pretty cliche. I’ll still probably watch it. cause right now while it doesn’t look better than say the Lego Movies or such, this looks better than Norm of the North or Boss Baby.

    2. What a Weirdo. Nah. I’m just disappointed that you’re not a better person yourself. Shame really. You’re only making yourself sound stupid

    1. It’s a shameless Wreck It Ralph ripoff, with none of the quality or humor which made Wreck it Ralph great.

  2. I wish if Trump absolutely needs something to ban that he would ban movies like this from being made.

    1. Lee Bays yes because nothing says freedom of speech and freedom of expression than banning movies!

    2. Deebo Molina Yes, because nothing says “I don’t understand the concept of humour” like needlessly replying to a joke with an irrelevant comment about freedom of speech & expression.

  3. Yeah, if disney does this, everyone would love it. If sony does it, they automatically become a sinner.

    1. Inside out actually tackled emotional issues though

      This movie just tackles “Oops, typo”

    2. +gogo power ranger
      It’s a movie about emoji. It’s a “let’s make a movie about that thing that is popular”.The similarities to Wreck it Ralph and Inside Out are not something that’s good, just make it feel like a rip-off. Fact that it’s Sony doesn’t surprise me but it’s not the reason I hate the idea. This is incidentally also perfect for spamming it with Sony product placement, as Sony does, always, not something you can blame Disney for.
      “It’s for kids” is not an excuse. Inside Out was “for kids” and it’s build on an original concept and is masterfully done.
      Thing with all that Sony stuff is that these are movies that are all being build on pre existing licenses of which people didn’t want to see a movie about.

    1. good for you! fighting against society by disliking a trailer. way to go! No one cares if you came to dislike the trailer ffs.

    2. Viclis If you reply to something you say you don’t “care about”, you actually do by replying.

    3. again, someone needs to obviously tell them that no one cares, so they understand that no one cares.

  4. 2006: The Bee Movie
    2014: The Lego Movie
    2016: The Angry birds Movie

    Well, now here’s what’s in store of us:
    2017: The Emoji Movie
    2018: The Bottle Flipping Movie
    2019: The Vine Movie
    2020: The meme Movie
    2021: The Random Movie
    2022: The Black Screen Movie
    2023: The White Screen Movie
    2024: The Music Movie
    2025: The Completely Useless Movie

    2050: Movie The Movie

    1. but the lego movie and bee movie were actually good 😤😤😤

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