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The Death of Stalin International Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Jason Isaacs, Olga Kurylenko, and Steve Buscemi! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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Follows the Soviet dictator's last days and depicts the chaos of the regime after his death.

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    1. Chaff Monkey How would this be somehow better if the actors were speaking with fake Russian accents? That would be stupid. Is the audience not going to figure out that the characters are playing Russians and we are to assume that they are speaking Russian? Use your brain. Imagine that every dubbed cartoon featured voice actors trying to use fake Japanese accents. What you are taking issue with is developmentally delayed.

    2. Chaff Monkey cause I don’t want to read subtitles and fake Russian accents would be dumb. It’s an American movie who cares if it had American actors

  1. How the Americans will show the true nature of Stalin ? They couldn’t even choose a sensible President !

    1. You’re actually going to ask me for 20 fuckTrumps? Do I look like a left wing journalist to you? I said there was a possibility, lol.

    1. +Keith Charles So when you can’t beat me in the argument you just turn around and make jokes. Classic SJW.

    1. IHateKidsWithAnimeProfilePics hating communism and hating Russia are different things

    1. NathaN i think it would be funnier if Stalin was black. Like in Wolfenstein and Joseph Stalion.

    2. Because then it won’t be ironic. Patriotic Russians bow to their czar and eliminate those who dont.

    1. Joseph Stalin wow they finally decide to make a movie about you and its about your death 😑

    1. Yeah, sure, because vodka is literally all Russia is about. Kill yourself you narrow-minded moron

    1. Proteus although kinda sucks that it’s so far from the truth because this is the only film about stalin’s death we’ll probably get.

    1. Пиндосы снимают про Сталина сериал, а чего добился хохол?

    2. Alexandr Borisik Сталин лично расстрелял миллиард немцев из именного пистолета.

    3. Ruslan Rus сразу бы сказал что ты рофлишь, а то я чет триггернулся

    4. поднял страну не он. а рабочий, нищий класс, у которого последнее как раз Сталин отбирал

  2. What have we learned about making fun of other countries America? With the interview, Kim Jong un got all pissy pants and I’m sure the Russians won’t take it lightly either lol

  3. The real cause of WW3 was not because of the morons in office, but because of the morons in entertainment

    1. Ehe… because starting a WW3 (or getting offended) because of a comedy is a good idea. Get lost, sucker.

    2. +Melman1101 Do you not realize that the Russian people hated Stalin and many of the people under him hated him as well? The Russians of today do not view him like Americans viewed Washington or Lincoln.

    1. jose arguijo, then why do the fine folks over on the communist subreddit defend him?

    2. Mix of both. I’m not looking for a debate, but if the movie isn’t historical, most communists (myself included) will find this movie to be quite entertaining as long as no one takes it as historical accuracy. Since it seems more like a comedy, it’ll probably be funny and quite interesting. Hope I cleared that up!

    3. IHateKidsWithAnimeProfilePics Many communists (like myself) don’t like Stalin, so making a comedy about his death is pretty funny

    4. Hopefully the internet commies and internet neo nazis will all off each other so us internet freedom-lovers can traverse the internet in peace…

    1. Right, because no foreign film is ever critical of America. Ever. No one outside of America has ever made a film like that in the history of the world. America has never been criticized in any foreign film. The idea that a country not America might make a film somehow critical of America, or in any conceivable way derogatory about the United States is patently absurd.

  4. As a Ukranian this makes me happy.
    No, not because of the fact there is a comedy being made about Stalin’s death and the forthcoming internal debates inside Russia, because this is bound to make Russians angry :)
    Come on, movie, light up their arses.

    P.S. Just look down at that comment section underneath this one comment – I told you there would be people bursting XD

    1. John Riddle History is history and not always reflect the reality. Stop lying to yourself.

    2. Ruslan Rus the came out of Kyiv, into Asian lands. The people of what is now and will be Ukraine are far more ancient than you RusAsians.

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