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Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D Trailer #2 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Edward Furlong! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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James Cameron’s masterpiece starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his most iconic role, has been converted in immersive 3D by Cameron himself.

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    1. David Absolutely. To see this on a big screen again with a full on surround sound system? Yes please! 3D? I can’t see it. I see two images, I get a banging headache and it’s dark as I’m wearing dark glasses. I’ll just watch it again at home.

    2. Member Berry One of the greatest films of all time in 3D? They can already count on having my money.

    1. Niall Gittins yeah as James was saying in the video, I’m someone who was born way after the movie came out but grew up with it, so it’ll be amazing to see it in theaters

  1. “You just can’t go around killing people” ” why I’m A Terminater” Savage

    1. No it won’t. Don’t be an idiot. Your eyes weren’t made for processing direct 3D images like that. Why do you think so many people just left off the 3D slider on the 3DS?

  2. Arnold: “I’ll be back”
    Me (2017): “You’re BACK!
    Arnold:”Come with me if you want to live”
    Me: “But everyone has been terminated!”
    Arnold: “Never mind that….Get to the CHOPPPPPAA!!”

  3. people say it’s just to take more money from us I say it’s more than worth it to see this classic on the big screen

    1. Avatar made over a billion dollars on a 273 million dollar budget…I think the studio is ok giving Jim some extra bucks.

    2. God I hated Avatar, it was like a rip off of ferngully and smurfs. I hated it, however I did love the generic 3D game on xbox 360.

    3. monkeymirror was actually well over two billion. Enough that if the studio heads completely lost their minds they could probably fund another four sequels all at once. Oh wait a minute…

    1. lb 141 yeah seriously Having never grown up with these movies I thought this was a remake at first

    2. Actaully the special effects are more than the cgi in this movie..but yes I agree, it was way ahead of its time in whatever the CGIs were there.

    1. And they have the nerve to charge us an extra $15 for DLC…..whoops, wrong video.


  4. Hate me for saying this, but I’ve never seen this film before. Not because I’ve never wanted to, but because I’ve never gotten around to it. Now that I’m 17, I’ll be able to see this and wow, it’ll be a great time. For like 3 quarters of the trailer, I can tell that the restoration is fantastic. You can see all of these details that I did not expect. I’d expect no less from James Cameron. I’m excited. I’ll see it.

    1. Benjamin Long you will be blown away dude. even without the remaster, the CGI and action and story still hold up incredibly well. I’d suggest watching the first one before, it’s also a classic.

    1. Hey the robocop remake wasn’t bad, it was a nice companion piece to the others. Sometimes remakes are not all bad. I liked the remake of the texas chainsaw massacre by platinum dunes(michael bay), and aside from the horrible casey jones i thought the tmnt reboot series wasn’t bad. Now the pyscho remake with vince vaughn was god awful. Also The Thing was a remake of the 1950s movie. The assault on precinct 13 with Lawrence Fishburne wasn’t bad either.

    2. DarkOniFlames Robocop was okay, and maybe it would have been fine if it wasn’t a remake, but we had the original to compare it to and it just doesn’t compete. Anyway, my point was that I’d rather have a classic re-released than remade. The best remakes tend to be movies that took a good to middling film and made it great, like with The Thing and The Fly and Cape Fear.

  5. One of the best sci-fi films ever made, maybe also one of the best actions films ever made.

    1. It deserves more of our money… despite how much we’ve all paid for the countless home video releases.

    1. Nope, but I’m glad it’s coming. Better than 90% of the drivel thats playing now at the theaters! I’d be OK if they continue to re-release classics for a new generation to witness in all their cinematic glory.

    2. neoasura
      Honestly I agree just for the fact that I would love to watch films that I have never seen in the big screen!

  6. i remember seeing this in the theater the 1st time around. Ppl started clapping and hooting when he was on the hood of the 18 wheeler lighting T1000 up with that fully automatic. Good stuff

    1. workinghoustonian unfortunately I was 3 yrs old when this came out so I will be throwing my money at the counter to see it in the cinema even though I have seen it 500 times

    2. erkan yunis Thats how old I was when the 1st Terminator came out! I wish I could see that one in Theaters as well.

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