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Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Ruby Rose, Hailee Steinfeld, and Anna Kendrick! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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    1. Xuanzhe Han that didn’t need a sequel or a third is what I’m saying but company’s need to milk the whales

    2. thi b actually I’m saying a third should not be made I never stated my reason for why I said this my dislike for the movie has nothing to do with me saying I don’t think a third should be made

    3. You have too much free time on your hands if you’re watching things you are not interested in…

  1. Im so sorry but i dont care if this sucks or not. Imma watch THE SH*T out of this.
    And i dont care if they make more after either. Dont like it?
    Then dont f*cking watch it

    1. Heididatsme offical thats the funniest thing ive heard about me XD
      and yes. im mean on the inside. like most people.. i think

    1. MortalKombatFan4Life or the fast and furious considering i heard in the new that there most definitely will be a fast and the furious 9,10,11,12, and most likely a 13

    2. thats not true they all originally signed up until 10 and vin diesel is doing it because he said thats what Paul Walker would have wanted. If they make more it would be with new cast

    1. I’m exited I’ve watched 1 and 2 (my favorite part is the rip off’s) I’m 8 I love singing this film has inspired me to sing I can’t watch it in cinemas but I’m still very exited cuz it’s coming out the day of my birthday

  2. “If I joined your group I could be Obesity.”


    1. i did not laugh at that at all , i kinda cringed alittle , there is something wrong with me :(

    2. Said Yettou nah, it’s fine. Every single one of fat Amy’s jokes is about being fat and after three movies, it gets cringey.

    3. Bshal Sresth uhh i don’t think that’s america’s biggest priority atm..

  3. why are people hating on sequels so much?
    People are only hating this so far because it’s a sequel. That’s it.
    I think it looks good.
    But I don’t understand why the Bellas’ couldn’t go along with a singing career in the first place. Like PTX.

    1. I do but they are rare and far between. Movies like this have become the norm for the masses and it is sad

    2. sethman75 fair. But this is practically funding those sorts of films. Have you tried foreign films?

    3. Yeah i watch quite a lot of them. For me they are the only good ones at the moment. Watching an old one called Ida right now. Brilliant.

    4. sethman75 ah, I need to watch that. At least today there is such a variety, but I get why you’re disappointed. :-)

    1. Space Unicorn101 she’s in it, just as a Cameo apperence cause Alexis Knapp got surgery on her knee

    1. john S Well you just saw her? why would she be in if she wasn’t gonna be in it. God Americans are retards

  4. Chloe better get a more screentime in the movie, cus i dont see that in the trailer. She’s my biggest reason of why I’m still follow this sequel

    1. I’m not gonna lie Bechloe is cute but I dont ship them either hahhha its gonna be weird. But I JUST WANT MORE CHLOE SCENE

    2. +I’m New Yeah me neither, some Bechloe fans are annoying though, people who ship Jesse and Beca are always insulted by Bechloe fans. I even saw a Bechloe fan tell a Jesse + Beca fan to kill themselves because they didn’t ship Bechloe :0

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