Now In Theaters: Transformers: The Last Knight, The Bad Batch, The Beguiled | Weekend Ticket



Which movie's right for you this weekend? Transformers: The Last Knight? The Bad Batch? The Beguiled?

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“Dirty Weekend” by Freebie and The Bean

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    1. How so? A lot of people loved it, idk why people hate it. It’s the best movie of this year for sure! :D

    2. Soul Extraction it’s not people just don’t get the story and others say that there isn’t that much robot screen time

    1. Game Trailers Guide Transformers is worth seeing
      It’s kinda weird I know the full story went I haven’t watched it😂

    1. Lego Bat you people get me disgusted
      Y’all waste y’all time hating on transformers

    1. Battle Royale That makes you stupid because you don’t know if he’s a kid.
      Go to school and ask parents or siblings what respect is!

    2. Battle Royale That’s not respect childish man
      And you are such a racist, how disgusting
      And it isn’t Michael Bay to blame, he’s the director not the writer

  1. I am absolutely sure that this Transformers will not suck, like the previous 17 parts.

    1. Bogdan Patru Yore the kind of guy who makes shitty jokes in the parties and thinks its cool…

    2. Bogdan Patru lol if I know stupid guys like you its because I go to parties. But hey if you like being the clown its your option.

  2. why people are spreading so negativity about Transformers……..
    I am certain its better than all the other movies on screen right now…….
    TRANSFORMERS is ten times better than stupid marvel and dc movies that u guys  watch like crazies……….

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