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Mother! Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, and Ed Harris! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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Centers on a couple whose relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

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  1. Just waiting for the Jennifer Lawrence hate comments about Chris Pratts divorce to start rolling in.😐

    1. +The RED Samurai Jennifer Lawrence has an Oscar…Christ Pratt is doing MTV award movies lol.

    2. Jennifer Lawrence currently the most overrated actress. Michelle Pfeiffer historically the most overrated acretress

    1. JeromeCDL its about how jennifer lawernce loves pizza and everyone loves her for it cause shes so quirky……..

    2. This seems like a “set up the unsuspecting person for a sacrifice” type of movie. I assume Javier Bardem character tricks Jennifer Lawrence into falling in love and moving into a house with him. Then once in the house, Bardem’s associates use Lawrence for some kind of sick ritual.

    1. edgar360Bar exactly. Almost looks like an adaptation. The naive woman, the cultist rituals, what looks like hell in the last scene

    1. I got no problem with Jennifer Lawrence but she needs to do herself and everybody else a favor and step away from X-Men. I can not take it anymore. What am I talking about? I already gave up watching that franchise. Carry on

    1. Roman Natale it’s actually mother! The “M” Isn’t Captialized like you have it here

  2. Get over it, guys. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t going anywhere. You can whine all you want all her being overrated, but she’s still getting (and will continue to get) work. Don’t like her? Don’t see her movies. Don’t like her getting awards recognition? Consider applying to The Academy.

    1. Her career will break multiple times, but she will be doing films for the rest of her life. Now, if they succeed or not, it is another conversation. It isn’t a matter of being male or female – it just happens to everyone in the industry nowadays.

    2. Come on dude you must forgot these lame pathetic virgin losers think whining, complaining and trolling will Actually change something and think they opinion actually matters to anyone important

  3. To be honest Jennifer Lawrence took me out of it. looking at the trailer I feel that’s she’s miscasted for the film, but it’s just the trailer not the entire film so maybe she completely works in the movie.

    1. at the beginning of the trailer i thought the same, something about her didn’t fit with the role she’s playing, but at the end of the trailer i realized that they were going for that awkwardness, this movie look really interesting and creepy, lets hope its great!

    2. I think Bardem is miscasted considering he’s like 30 years older than Lawrence. Not that I care about age gap’s in relationships. As long as it’s legal of course.

  4. Did anyone else click because it’s Darren Aronofsky or is everyone just here for Jennifer Lawrence?

    1. Olivia Petersen Darren. Black Swan is one of my favourite films. This looks just as insane as Black Swan.

      Also Ed Harris.

    2. It’s sad that everyone forgot the man behind this movie…..not the trailer, not the actors. Only because of him i have high expectations for this movie.

  5. Jennifer Lawrence looks as terrible as usual. A strong candidate for worst actress working today.

    1. Daniel Mashanic, I highly doubt that you even believe your own over-exaggerated comment. you want a bad actress, try nicola peltz. Nothing against the girl personally, but she was awful in last airbender, and awful in tf4. Seriously, could your contrarian ploy for attention be any more obvious?

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