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Marshall Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Chadwick Boseman! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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About a young Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court Justice, as he battles through one of his career-defining cases.

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    1. yeah cause we rioted over lady sings the blues and other great films. you give yourselves far too much credit. just because you create false idols doesnt mean we have to worship them. its ok for you to be island feeling yourself alone ok? ok thank you bye bye

    2. Easy Cheese because he should’ve got more recognition for 42, but hopefully he’ll get some now:)❤

    1. Muhammad Awais Wow, that’s original. I’ve already talked to plenty of other idiots who’ve said the same thing you’ve said, and it always ends the same way. You paint the entirety of the group based on the actions of certain individuals, so I doubt any intelligent dialogue could be achieved with someone like you.

    1. A Racist Cop’s Worse nightmare, a bulletproof black man…. who knows law.

  1. So Boseman played Jackie Robinson, James Brown, Black Panther, and now, Thurgood Marshall!?

    1. Although i wish the role of Black Panther went to Michael B. Jordan, i still think this late bloomer Chadwick Boseman is a teriffic actor.

    1. You assume somebody is racist wayyyyyy too often, so your world view is skewed. There are not racist on every god damn street corner.

    2. A mensch no one said there were racists on every single street. “You assume somebody is racist wayyy too often” and u based this off a simple comment that u copy pasted into other simple comments…

    1. what did i say that was wrong? or are you one of the mad racists i was talking about? haha

    2. Na, I don’t care about who’s good and who’s evil in this film.
      It represents a time that has passed, in which some actions are not welcomed anymore in todays world.
      People are now calling out ghosts on racism, but they only call it out on rightwingers, not SJWs, not any motherfucker that is actually racist today. And you fucks are here pretending that racism rises “with the rise of the alt right” right now.
      No, it rose with some leftist liberal fucks who PCed everything to the point where racism is normal for them. “University bans white students and faculty members for one day”…

      God damnit, maybe I get triggered too much about it, but dangit I hate it.

    3. A lot of people are racist though. It’s not just “leftist liberal fucks Pced everything”. There are plenty of people out there that have no problem admitting that they are not fond of certain races. It’s not like racism is rare, some people just keep it to themselves until they reach a point where they have to share their opinion.

  2. Why does every movie trailer about black people has to have rap song in it? It ruins everything

  3. In before “I’m tired of these types of movies” or “Hollywood is stirring the pot”.

    1. You assume somebody is racist wayyyyyy too often, so your world view is skewed. There are not racist on every god damn street corner.

    2. It appears to me that every white person in that trailer was a little racist. Eventhough things seem to have changed those same people taught thier kids the same way of life. Its just wasn’t as PC to be openly racist till Trump came along.

    1. Nerd Awesomeness I guess he saw the light and focused on being a serious actor. Good move on his part

  4. This man Chadwick boseman done played every pivotal black figure under the sun 😂😂😂 Jackie Robinson. James brown, black panther, and now thurgood marshal

    1. Some U.S. black sectarians believe Jesus was a black Ethiopian… LOL they make me laugh.

    2. Jon155mt there was already a MLK and Malcolm X movie down. Besides he looks nothing like X

  5. Looks like a good movie. But I just can’t stand hearing modern music in period films. It’s soooooo LAZY

    1. Its a trailer. You serve it with something familiar and popular. Helps you remember it. Used to entice the target market.

    2. If this film wants an oscar it best not use that song in the film. We know how they struggle with “urban” content. It has no place at the oscars until people start hollering ‘oscars so white’. Black is in. white? You can blame history.

  6. I can kinda understand why some people hate whites. Just look at the history of white savagery against blacks and other races. Violence against whites is person to person but white governments kill entire races of people. So I kinda understand…….

    1. “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

    2. The Ottoman Empire enslaved over 1.5 million white Europeans, North African pirates enslaved 1000s of Irish men and woman from the 1500s and 1700s, and Africa has been home to more brutal dictators than anywhere else in the world. If you look at history, the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade was actually one of the least violent and brutal instances of Slavery

    3. Peter Johnson

      Simply to put it that’s not the mainstream history. Most of the people are looking at history with tunnel vision and oversimplifying certain events and how they came to be. Also judging historical figures and their actions based on todays modern moral standards.

  7. Chadwick Boseman was born to play every big black guy in history… Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, and James Brown

    1. shivam pradhan well it’s not going to be much of a surprise of how this movie will end

    2. You most likely didn’t this movie looks like it could be almost 2hrs long. Not to mention what actually happens in the case trial and the lives of individual people involved.

  8. Im not from the USA and I cant believe how racist things used to be in there. and from the movies it looks that it was not so long ago. that “white only” sign blows my mind. I never understood how people saw less from a person just because he or she was from a different color.

    1. Sadly film and tv tend to sugar coat just how bad it was and still can be. Black America is full of stories of atrocities and hate that are beyond subhuman, the type of stuff that would make you vomit upon listening. My grandmothers great grandmother as a slave was continually made to walk a clothesline lowered to the ground like a tightrope and beaten every time she fell for the amusement of the white children she “nannied” for. And that was considered commonplace. Human beings can be the best and the absolute worst towards one another.

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