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Jeepers Creepers 2 – Abducting the Adults: The team packs back into the bus as their chaperones get abducted one by one.

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After his son is set upon by a scarecrow that seems to have come alive, farmer Jack Taggart Sr. (Ray Wise) and his son, Jack Taggart Jr. (Luke Edwards), go looking for an explanation. Meanwhile, a bus carrying high-school students breaks down nearby, and a creature known as the Creeper (Jonathan Breck) starts a killing spree. The elder Taggart soon realizes that the killings and the attack on his son are connected, and, after alerting the community to be on guard, he aims to pummel the Creeper.

TM & Š United Artists (2003)
Cast: Billy Aaron Brown, Diane Delano, Thom Gossom Jr., Al Santos, Garikayi Mutambirwa, Nicki Aycox, Eric Nenninger
Director: Victor Salva

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This article has 29 Comments

  1. You know the point I don’t get from this scene

    1. They stopped after a human shuriken popped the tire because that was their second one and Charlie started to put flares and he went so far away from them and he swooped down and grab him and glued away but how the hell did not hear the swoop except the scream just after no one notice it

    2. Driver did the same thing got far way after about to light it and the coach notice and saw her with him flying and scream also the kids notice too

    3. You go back to the bus and asked them and said ” What did you see?” And The and grab him too as the kids were frightened by the claws on the bat and took him too.

    And my question is what happened to the bodies of them? We’re they eaten first or throw them far as they flew?

    1. Bertholdt Hoover I think he killed them and hid the bodies in his storage truck that he drives. He was probably going to kill them all and store them later for food and new body parts.

  2. I just rewatched Jeepers Creepers 2. Stranded on a country highway, a school-bus full of high school basketball players, their coaches, and cheerleaders, try to survive the night while the Creepers hunts them relentlessly. The Creeper is flesh-eating monster that resurfaces every 23 years for 23 days to feed. This is the 23rd day and he’s out for blood before his next slumber. Yet again the Creeper is absolutely terrifying.

    He’s a monster with style and a dramatic flair that sets him apart from other monsters in horror. The movie overall is relentlessly suspenseful and scary. A classic horror movie that I love and have rewatched countless times. This was one of the first movies to give me nightmares as a kid. For a long time this was my favorite horror movie of all time. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

  3. OMG, you are uploading this Jeepers Creepers clips because the trailer of JC3 it’s coming?!??!😂😂😅

  4. I hope the 3rd and 4th will be as creepy as the first two. There seems to have been a thing about early 2000 horror movies that were creepy and none in the last 12 years have been scary at all.

  5. I really liked this one, maybe bc of the larger diverse cast trying to deal with this.

    1. I loved the first one because of how scary it was with just the two of them. No strengrh in numbers or anything like that. But I this was a great way to open it up more.

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