How to collect the primary, best email address and real name from your visitors



How to collect the primary, best email address and real name from your visitors

Two important questions for you – and be honest:
When you’re on somebody’s lead page, and you decide you want whatever lead magnet or freebie they’re offering… what do you type into the opt-in form?

Do you type in your BEST email address? You know what I’m talking about… the “golden” one? That main, primary one you give your close friends? That one you check every five minutes throughout the day?

No. You probably don’t. You probably put in a “secondary” email address that you use only for promotional stuff and collecting freebies, right? Sure at one point you considered it your “business” email address, but now you have a million internet marketers filling that inbox with promo emails and it’s literally become your designated freebie collector. The address you use to ensure your MAIN, BEST email address doesn’t get filled with promotional emails and spam. And there’s a 30% chance some of you even type fake info into those opt-in forms.

So here’s the second (and more important) question:

What do you think your visitors are typing into YOUR opt-in forms?

Yup. Same story. So is it any wonder why your email marketing isn’t succeeding? Is it really a surprise that you have such low open and click-through rates?

Your emails are ending up in secondary email inboxes that are rarely checked and, even worse, their surrounded by a thousand other marketing emails from your competitors. And on top of that, you’re probably not even taking advantage of the 41% increase in open rates and 73% increase in profit that comes from personalizing subject lines because you either don’t collect names (because a “guru” told you not to) or because people type in fake or childish garbage into the name field.

Now imagine for a moment what would happen if instead of subscribers typing useless fake names or secondary emails into your opt-in forms, you had a magic button that your visitor could just tap on and *POOF* you collected their primary, best email address and real name right then, without them typing in a single thing.

Sound crazy? It is, and that’s why this product is going to be an industry game-changer. Mark my words:

This could literally turn email marketing as we know it on its head.
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