How Combat Vet Destroys Email Marketing As We Know It with a mobile opt in alternative



How Combat Vet Destroys Email Marketing As We Know It with a mobile opt in alternative

This could change everything about email marketing

This veteran with over 50 combat missions under his belt has just set his sights on a new mission:
Combatting low open rates.

He’s developed a tool that grabs the primary, BEST email addresses and REAL names of all your leads in just two taps, no more typing in opt-in forms.

Now you probably already know that using a person’s real name in emails (especially subject lines) can increase open rates (by up to 41%) and boost your revenue (by up to 73%).

But that’s just the name. Now picture doing that PLUS having your emails delivered to their PRIMARY, main email address! Not some secondary email address they usually put in opt-in forms to get free stuff, where you have 5 million competitors’ emails competing with you. We’re talking their best email address – the inbox they check every few minutes throughout the day!

The results of that combined with real name personalization would be incalculable.

If you’re doing any kind of list building and don’t want to be held back by the low open rates that are currently plaguing the industry.
If you plan on making money or growing your business through email marketing or list building, you need …
Warlord Mobile Leads a Mobile Opt in Alternative
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How to Capture the actual name associated with the persons email account with a mobile optin alternative

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How to use a mobile optin alternative to send emails to peoples PRIMARY inboxes AND personalize them

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