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Flatliners Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Nina Dobrev, Ellen Page, and Kiefer Sutherland! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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Medical students experiment on "near death" experiences that involve past tragedies until the dark consequences begin to jeopardize their lives.

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This article has 87 Comments

    1. LOL, most of you don’t even know Julia Roberts’ version of this movie.
      It’s still one of my favorites from the 90s.

    1. Only wait for LOTR, Godfather and Gone with the Wind remake in some years , waiting for laugh

    1. Do yourself a favor and just watch the original 1990 version. More grimey than this Disney fluff.

    1. yep its a classic.
      Not sure I like how SONY is remaking all the classics.
      They ruined Ghostbusters.

    2. Julia Roberts was amazing too. The original was a great psychological thriller. This looks like Final Destination 27

    1. Remake or not the original was a mediocre movie in my opinion.This looks way more interesting.

    2. supposedly not a remake since rumors state that Kiefer Sutherland is set to reprise his role from the original film

    1. not everyone watch every movie that is out there. Trailer must make you go to a movie theater

    2. haven’t you learned not to watch trailers yet?? You know there will be a ton of spoilers so why bother?

    3. well, even if folks aren’t aware of the original, it seems pretty straightforward like most plots: 1) do something radical 2) experience the upside 3) and then suffer the downside

  1. Part of the appeal of the original is how stellar the cast was, this is the exact opposite.

    1. Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Nina Dobrev, Kiersey Clemons, and Kiefer Sutherland reprising his role from the original film. A bunch of untalented no-names!

    2. DieHardAlien That’s the problem though! They went for well known actors simply to make money. And such a weird group at that. They don’t seem to mesh well.

    1. Oh God, you’re one of those people who whines about a reboot “ruining your childhood”, aren’t you?

    2. Ritchie so I’m guessing you’re one of those people who like the remake of Ghostbusters

    1. But it looks like the entire budget went to her. I guess they couldn’t afford any other names. The rest of the cast probably got paid scale

    2. dude they got Diego Luna from Rogue One who is set to play Scarface so no not the only big name

  2. I always knew the original Flatliners was an under appreciated film that did not reach its full potential and it was due for a remake. But instead of another ‘The Fly’ remake where they could have taken this idea to its full potential, they just decided to make another 10s cash grab horror shlock. What a waste.

    1. +alejandrinos clearly you know a movie from 1990 with a $26 million budget is “low budget”

  3. I’m Buddhist so I believe that it takes a while for your soul to leave your body. You’re not really dead until you are cold and then your soul has left. If you can be brought back then that’s not really dying to me. You can’t see what happens after death because your soul doesn’t leave right away.

    1. I believe that if a person comes back from being dead, whether it be after a couple of minutes or even a couple of days, then they truly aren’t dead. Hence why I don’t take to heart the experiences that people have with death: seeing a white light, going to heaven, seeing nothing but darkness etc. simply because they were able to come back. Those who are truly dead do not ever come back.

    2. you can think of whatever makes you feel happy. But the reality is, its the ultimate end. Now our bodies decompose and the matter gets redistributed so unless women and men eat/drink your matter which end up in their balls i doubt a few atoms of you and their “matter memory” if such thing exists is enough to overtake a newly conceived being. That rules out reincarnation. As for soul or what sane people call consciousness.. its byproduct of the extremely complex brain interconnect pathways, that is the most amazing thing in this universe. Doesnt mean theres a physical or metaphysical you that can survive death though and come back. Not until science proves otherwise. if u want to reincarnate or something just procreate and spread your genetic data. Your kids are your clones just a bit better in every way.

    3. +Star-Lord What do you think would happen to your soul once you die? You have to have at least a theory of what you think will happen.

    4. I’m an atheist. There are electromagnetic helmets that can target very specific parts of your brain that will instantly give you an out of body experience. The rest you can experience by taking a big quantity of DMT. I suffer from sleep paralysis and have experienced floating above my own bed once.

    1. so you saw the whole movie already? i’m pretty sure they’re gonna put something new in it.

  4. Its not a remake apparently, mainly because Kiefer Sutherland is coming back in the same role he played in the original. But this cast looks good, the tension is there and does anybody really get pissed off that they remade or made another chapter of a movie from the mid 1980’s that nobody really watches anymore ?

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