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Ferdinand Trailer #2 (2017): Check out the new Ferdinand trailer starring John Cena, Kate McKinnon, and David Tennant! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A bull who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights is in the middle of the bull ring.

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This article has 47 Comments

  1. Spain and Mexico are going to have movies based on their cultures this year!
    🇲🇽 Mexico – Coco
    🇪🇸 Spain – Ferdinand

    1. Joshua Chavana i’m spanish, and most of us hate bullfighting. And when I say “most”, I say more than 75% of the country. It’s a shame that ur government is ultraconservative and does not want to change nothing.

      Spain is not filled with flamenco dancers and bullfighters. That’s if I say that USA is full of lazy old fat men that shoots black people for fun

    2. Alonso Linares Cabrera Yes I know, Spain is a beautiful country, I’d like to visit Spain someday.

    3. Joshua Chavana So… slaughtering animals is considered “culture”.

      I call that “brainless apes”.

  2. Let me be the first person to say this:


  3. “Who are you?”
    “I am Uno”
    “I’m Dos”
    “And I’m cuatro”
    “What happened to Tres?
    “we do not speak of tres” lmao

    1. No, I bet this movie will actually do alright. It’s called counterprogramming. When Star Wars sells out there will be many families that will have to pick something else to see that is ok for their kids. Ferdinand is perfect for this and it may even make more money from this strategy than if it released at another time. In 2015 the same strategy was used for Alvin and The Chipmunks 4, that had a $90 million budget, released on the same day as Star Wars and had a $15 million opening weekend and went on to make a worldwide total of about $235 million.

  4. I kinda like it, maybe thats because I have a childlike taste, but on the bright side it looks better than Emoji Movie!

  5. i hope the film open some discussion in families for animal rights. I hate bullfights

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