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Detroit Trailer #2 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring John Krasinski, John Boyega, and Anthony Mackie! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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A police raid in Detroit in 1967 results in one of the largest citizen uprisings in the United States’ history.

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    1. PopcornPunk Oooooh now I get it. I didn’t get it before because in Star wars almost everyone has english accent anyway.

    1. actually when it comes to casting. …you should choose the best actors for the role i feel. being a British black person cast in a movie that portays bpack americans will get backlash because of authenticity. .but it reall poses another issue. .are black actors getting the representation they deserve…idk..but Samuel l Jackson doesn’t seem to think so.

    2. +jared Burke I feel it’s more an issue of how much of an investment is being made in training / education, as well as the opportunity for roles offered. If UK actors are getting more roles based on quality of acting, it’s not because they’re innately better (“something in the water?”) but because of the resources available, training method, things like that.

    3. So you are talking about hollywood when like 99 % of Super héros who save the planet are white

  1. If you thought that the BLM fire was about to wear off, don”t worry, here’s a movie to light it back up again.

    1. Flower Child wrong, your limited mind confuse my statement. Noone is ignoring racism, I’m saying how can we ever learn to heal and grow if all we are consuming is hate? How exactly is letting Hollywood profit off of historical black tragedies gonna heal the world?? How many movies like this have we seen already and what good has it done us?? Where is the positivity? Where is the movies about black economic power, political leaders, black business and banking leaders?
      We focused so much on slavery and oppression that ppl actually think that’s all black history is cracked up to be as if we didn’t have any history before that. As if black progress doesn’t even exist, only black disparity and oppression. Tell me how much change and healing has these movies done for us already because we’ve been seeing slavery and oppression movies and focused on racism for idk how long and not a damn thing has changed from it. So its actually your very limited mindset is actually what’s causing us more damage equal to groups like kkk or neo nazis and I’m offended by your comment more so than his.

    2. Bogdan Patru “I’m anti black lives matter” are only words a racist would utter😂 slavery and racism are apart of American history whether you want it to be or not. You obviously feel so strongly about it that you had to come on a movie trailer spewing your racist views…nobody forced you to watch or comment,but that hatred in your heart forced you to because that’s what racists do❣

    3. “I’m anti black lives matter” – This statement means I am against an organization and its values. And its values are racist, because BLM claims ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST. Which it is a racists statement.

      I didn’t say anything about people’s skin color, all I said is that I am against an organization and the values it portrays. BLM spreads lies about the society being racist. They have no evidence of that, just empty propaganda. All the statistics show black people kill more black people than anyone else. That, in and of itself shows BLM as lying.

      Again, you have no idea what racism is. Racism has been a part of the American history, of course. Prove it still is at the degree it was. Prove that the racism nowadays is being enforced by the government, just like in the days. Oh, it is not? Then BLM is racist, spreading a hateful propaganda and you should be ashamed of yourself

    4. Instead of calling me a racist, explain what racism is and how exactly am I a racist, even when I clearly said I am not.

    5. Flower Child slavery and racism is part of American history….not black history. Black history transcends that and goes back further to the mother land. You would know that if you weren’t so focused on black death and black oppression. You’re limiting black history to nothing….

  2. kids watch *logan*
    adults watch *khari khoti comedy*
    legends watch *Detroit* 😁😁

    1. If you don’t consider Logan to be a good movie , never become a critic as you clearly have something wrong with you…

  3. wait… racism is bad but we are constantly reminded about it… as morgan freeman said, just stop talking about it and it will be gone. like, “dude this wound almost healed”, and they just say “lets just poke it a little bit”. just dont touch it, it will leave a scar but it will heal.

    1. you say that because its much easier to ask for someone to just  llive with it than to address it. TIme doesn’t heal all wounds, it festers them!

  4. It looks pretty good compelling in some areas, major issue is this will only make idiots more restless and start up with the whole racist agenda against whites and then in turn that will create a unnecessary argument between morons… dividing everybody even further

    1. If you kids are to blind to see movies like this make America fight itself then you need to get your eyes checked. And this is coming from a born and raised African you have gone mad in America. BLM to Trump you Americans never learn, killing a mentally challenged man for being white lead to you having 1 for a president.

    1. Shaista yes Nikhil’s had office romances. Not here. At another place he worked at. Good-looking ones, as well. But they’re not a good idea, office romances. It’s like shitting on your own doorstep. He’s had loads of offers here, but he goes ‘no way’, ‘distracting’. And that’s actually one of the major arguments against letting gay men into the army.

  5. People need to understand the situation of the Detroit riots there was evil done by both races of people that week, this film is supposed to be about both sides of the story …

    1. I’ll slap ya mum with an Argos catalogue First of all I am not confused. You like to rip the benefits of what we did but at same time claim the innocence of being an individual. Well why don’t you go and ask Microsoft, Apple, Walmart, and etc. To enjoy some of their profits. No you cannot because you are not a part of them. We rip the benefits of what was done and is still being done to them. Do you know that they don’t even have human rights? What they have is “civil rights”. Which they have to renew every few years. If you think our lawmakers don’t know this. We did it on purpose. My dad’s a diplomat​ so I know what we do to their communities. And what the Europeans are still doing with Africa. They are not totally independent (not legally). But I am getting off topic. If you know how a society works. You know that a necessary evil are those at the bottom of the society. They take all the blame, the persecution, their the most hated and etc. The Greeks had their slaves. The Romans had their slaves. Medieval Europe had the peasant class. Later on we found the Negros (sorry if I have offended anybody). And they took that place. And I know you are going to say that was labor force. The African Americans community hasn’t really been our biggest labor force for a while now. All societies need someone to blame or hate or even persecute. It is a necessity. Let’s say you were king of a society​. If you don’t have people who are forced to assume this role. Then your people will try and kill you or overthrow you. If your army is loyal and they protect you. Then your people will start to hate each other and their will be mistrust. And your kingdom will crumble. So you need people to assume this role. It keeps the peace and makes those of other classes comfortable. People like that are the sin eaters of the society. In some instances foreigners assume that role for us. Do you even know why we put African Americans in our Movies? It’s because there was a time when other countries were challenging our soft power ( business, image and influence in the world). Other countries were trying to use the way we treated the African American as a way to hinder our soft power in the world. Lucky for us they were good at sports and entertainment. We put them out there and lucky for us the won quite a few gold medals. Which was good not for the medals but because of the interviews​. The more they spoke on tv/radio or were in the news papers it created an image that other countries couldn’t erase. The same way we shipped out our African American singers. They were segregated against back home but accepted​ in Europe especially France. This was good for the way we are perceived.

      Do you know how the Black Lives Matter movement lost its momentum. It was in Dallas the International Media had come to interview the movement. Then a sniper appeared and how did we take him out we sent in a robot with a bomb. It blew up the whole building, guaranteeing his death. We could have captured him alive. My father we probably did that. And made sure he died (and if you don’t understand what I’m​ saying we ordered him to do it) because what if he ended up saying something. That would have been horrible for our soft power in the world. After that for the next three weeks in Dallas all you saw were African Americans thanking the police on the TV. If the sniper was targeting only white cops, then how come all the channels only showed African Americans thanking the police. Three weeks of so many different African Americans thanking the police and praising them. All this for the International Media. It’s like you and a group of others complain that someone is cheating then another group of people try aid you. But as they arrive your boss blackmails you. And now you are singing his praises. People are going to think that all you do is cry wolf.
      Now if you think that this movie is for them. You are wrong movies like this helps our soft power. By divulging our mistakes it creates a view of us as transparent, honest and etc. Many Nations have a dark history that creates mistrust amongst their people and the outside world. And we get Lord it over them. That reduces their soft power and increases ours.

    2. There’s been enough movies about the white point of view and there’s more than just two races involved

    3. kevshorty I think we should stop supporting Hollywood profiting off of historical black death and tragedy. It doesn’t help change anything except the size of their wallets.

    4. I think in some ways media has made everyone more accountable for everything. Back then because no one was watching and the population was smaller, a lot more crime took place. yes there is still a lot of crime now. it was just so much higher back then considering the size of the population

    1. E.J. Manghram or that guy from the maze runner that you can’t tell what his expressions r

  6. I’m from Europe. From Hollywood movies I figured out that Detroit aaaaaand pretty much Cleavlend too are the 2 worst big american cities.

  7. What’s up with people thinking this is racist. This is history about the Detroit riot in 1967. Grow up.

    1. Rick Sanchez cause what really happened was that black people went insane and tried to destroy the city and the cops risked their lives to save it

    2. Rick Sanchez u Latino. Latinas are selling themselves. Worry abt that. Black women are destroying black men with help of beckys n whiteys

    3. Racism occurs in every country all over the globe within all walks of life. It’s never going to completely “end” because it’s human nature.

    4. Jeffro3780 yeah I know this is never going to end. But I wish people would stop talking about it and just enjoy the movie for once.

  8. “We have to go to Detroit to stop the riots.”

  9. I wasn’t convinced at first, then I caught a 2 second glimpse of John Krasinski, now I’m sold.

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