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Death Note Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Nat Wolff, Willem Dafoe, and Shea Whigham! Be the first to check out trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers. 

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A student who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone begins a crusade against evil in order to rule the world as a benevolent human god. Then a deadly game of cat and mouse begins when a reclusive detective begins to track down the young man, attempting to end his reign of terror once and for all.

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This article has 88 Comments

    1. Haykal Arsya Brief aside, anyone who uses the Death Note, their soul will go to neither Heaven, nor Hell. It’s one of the rules. It’s implied you go to Mu. Nothingness. You still want to use it? 😀

    2. Bruh chill out it’s fiction lol

  1. Oh for fucks sake.You better stop judging the movie before you even get to see it! This is NETFLIX! They will most likely make this an EPIC movie! So stop hating on it before it’s even released on Netflix ok!?

    1. Jerm man I saw IBoy. It wasn’t THAT bad. But I still think they could’ve done a better job.

  2. although it dosent seem to follow the anime i do have hope for this movie because of the director. And yes black L is very distracting but i need to se him in action first, however the clear standout of the movie that will be great is Ryuk which is played by Willem Dafoe, great casting choice for that part

    1. Marius Andrè Fosshaug-Olufsen is everyone who is supposed to be Japanese but is white also equally as distracting? or are you just racist?

    2. Indeed, Willem Dafoe already looks like Ryuk when he smiles anyway. They could have just thrown a spiky wig and some makeup on him and called it a day!

    3. KingStannis Baratheon no it’s just that L was white in the japanese anime i didnt think they would cast a black actor, not Trying to be racist or anything, just the casting is weird, but hey i could be wrong, he might be a good L after all once i have seen the movie

  3. I thought the whole purpose of the name Kira was because it was a play on the english “Killer”. This is in english, so wouldn’t it just be Killer? How is any of it Japanese now?

    1. Ibukun Sanni Maybe it’s originally reported internationally and the name just starts in Japan.

    2. Implicit Existence godni was thinking the same thing, they’re taking parts of the original and using them out of context for the reboot? That’s so freakin dumb. And they used the same shinigami?? Either commit to a different story with the same concept or do a remake, don’t bastardize the original like this lol

    3. The name Kira was based on Killer of English, But the americans didn’t called him by killer, but by Kira so…..

  4. i have no problem with L being black , but L needs a soft .calm slightly creepy voice , and light needs to be a cool attractive guy , only good thing is ryuk ,voiced by william defoe

    1. You know if they wanted to make it more diversified, instead of making L Black they could have looked at some other roles that aren’t often showcased in films that would be more suitable to L. Such as making him Albino or Autistic or both, they could have done so much showcasing an autistic person or albino person and uplifting them into a non-stereotyped role, you know, actual casting diversity and actual diversification of roles rather than making him black for diversities sake.

    2. The thing is L is already autistic in the source material lol, so if they don’t make him autistic in this it would be wrong.

    1. KingStannis Baratheon
      He was white in the manga tho
      Almost all anime characters look white

    2. +KingStannis Baratheon In the manga / anime L is the only white European / Russian so now they change the only white character and put African-American to play L and also where are the Japanese-Americans.

  5. So they took the name and the concept… And none of the story, the intelligence, the cunningness and cleverness. Man, I don’t necessarily think that all movies/TV-shows based off books/comics should be exactly like the source material, but Death Note the manga was SO good… This does not look good at all.
    I’ll definitely check it out, but it seems like Death Note in name and concept only. Damnit!

    1. A film or series doesn’t always have to perfectly emulate the original material. I am a huge fan of Archie comics and Riverdale(the CW series) is based on them but is nothing like them ,but it is great despite that.

    2. I hate it when people complain about movies they have even seen…watch it (or don’t) then complain…

    3. We all know nothing can beat the original series, but this looks pretty lit, why hate on it because it’s not “perfect”

  6. I have no problem L being black, but watching the trailer, the character is not weird, calm and alienated enough for me.

    1. Denvy Zhang but above all L is eccentric. There’s more than one way to be perceived as eccentric.

    2. I think read a theory that L got signs of autism like the way he interact and repetitive habits too

    3. L would just go where Light and pull out a gun and go gangsta drive by on him. but seriously they should have gotten an Asian wierd L to contrast Light.

  7. What they should’ve done is made a new tale in the same universe rather than westernising a Japanese story. It would’ve been far more interesting to see new characters rather than a bunch of edgelords that don’t seem to fit in with the OG events of the original. The characters seem to lack the charm and interest that they did in the anime and it doesn’t look very good.

    1. But keep Ryuk because Willem DeFoe outs legit perfect for the role, and Ryuk is the best thing about Death Note imo.

    2. exactly, I would’ve been down with a brand new story about ryuk deathnote on another universe or something, rather than have light and L doing the same tango again, such opportunity loss, the one who pitch this story should really rethink their life decisions

    3. yeah it wouldnt have been hard. since L is basically a revamped version of arthur conan doyles sherlock holmes.

  8. I’m fine with L being black. But I know that they murdered L’s character in here. L is supposed to a calm dude, not a shouting maniac.

    1. I hate when they turn calm characters into shouting maniacs. Like Dumbledore, now L. Don’t know what’s with them and just SHOUTING and BEING ANGRY.

    2. Yeah… They had years to do it right and it shouldn’t have been that difficult. Still they fucked it up. Very sad.

  9. Light is supposed to be super smart and charming not the stereotypical white emo character.

    1. I just hoped they didn’t make ryuk responsible for that ferris wheel scene or something, the god of death should stayed impartial

  10. The relationship between Light and the girl…. It better not be a romantic one because Light is a psychopath and uses girls for his benefit, he doesn’t have time for things like feelings.

    1. AM-nation and Light is supposed to be charming, good at sports and studies etc. This guy seems lame

    2. they’re definitely gonna have romance there. i don’t think american filmmakers know how to make a movie where the main guy and girl aren’t in love

  11. We live in a age of classic film genocide. Ghostbusters, Jumanji, Death note, shall I continue…..

  12. look i get it. its a live action version. but:

    1. Krystal Lawrence it kinda is, if only they created a whole new character rather than have light portrayed like that, people won’t be having such uproar

    2. There’s no whitewashing at all! As a matter of fact it’s blackwashing. They turned L black

    3. I agree with youbut don’t rush it. The movei isn’t out yét, so we don’t know much about it. This is only a trailer, and trailers have fooled us many times. Let’s hope they will fool us this time too, and the movie wilkl be awesome

    4. look i dont mind light being a gansta looking person and l is a black guy who looks like a ninja assassin, but i feel like they’ve strayed away from their true personalities

  13. Manga / Anime: L is white his ancestors are from several white European countries + Russian.
    NETFLIX: Ok let make him black.
    Manga / Anime: Light Yagami brown hair, Japanese.
    NETFLIX: Light Turner blonde hair, White.
    Manga / Anime: Misa Amane blonde hair.
    NETFLIX: Misa Amane black hair.

    1. +Liliane Correia well L Is also a Japanese quarter but not African. so was ok to cast a Japanese for L in Japan.

    2. Tudi Salvatore american black ppl are a usually 25% white due to history tho…so if 25%japanese can play by a full blood japanese,why not him?

    3. Tudi Salvatore I really dont find it necessary for it to be white or japanese, because if we look at some live actions like Attack On Titans, they were Japanese… they only need to at least not ruin the story

    4. +amber C Because it does not resemble the author’s description some Japanese have a light/white skin so this is why a japanese can play L that is 25% japanese and 75% white. I don’t care if is from Africa or the Moon it does not resemble with the original.
      You can see in the Japanese Death Note movie L looks like L in the manga I can’t say the same thing about L and the others in American version.

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