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Darkest Hour Trailer #1 (2017) : Check out the new trailer starring Lily James, Gary Oldman, and Ben Mendelsohn! Be the first to watch, comment, and share trailers and movie teasers/clips dropping soon @MovieclipsTrailers.

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Within days of becoming Prime Minister, Winston Churchill must face his most turbulent and defining trial: exploring a negotiated peace treaty with Nazi Germany, or standing firm to fight for the ideals, liberty and freedom of a nation.

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    1. You mean the murderous idiot who didn’t learn a thing from Napoleon and repeated the same mistakes with disastrous campaigns in North Africa and Russia?

  1. Hopefully this is better than the other Churchill movie released this year. Oldman looks fantastic.

    1. Just one of those moments where I accidentally think out loud maybe? It happens to the best of us.

  2. Can’t wait for the comments of people bitching about how awful was Churchill to India. Don’t let me down internet.

  3. Looks pretty great. I’m glad they aren’t making Churchill look like some saint. He had flaws just like most leaders.

    1. @Danger Mouse
      Patrick French (from blogs.spectator.co.uk) or primepost….errrr, i mean Danger Mouse.
      You could have just given a link instead of copy pasting.

      You know he didn’t rebuke any of Tharoor’s points in that article read it again.
      Tharoor made around 20 plus points during his speech but the article only talks
      about two and for that two the writer He does not give any proofs nor studies
      for his counterclaims. Do look into how much the Britain actually paid when that
      amount was “honoured” post 1945. The writer intentionally stops his point by
      saying that it was “honoured” and formed an essential part of Jawaharlal
      Nehru’s early economic planning.
      The article mentions the drop of india’s share of the world
      economy from 23 to 4 per cent was mainly due to the as a result of rapid
      economic transformation of western Europe by the Industrial Revolution rather
      than the money and treasures which were looted from India which the writer of
      that article playfully terming it as “adjustments inside India.” An evidence to
      prove that he is wrong is the example of Sree Padmanabha Swami temple in Kerala
      which was not looted by the British and was discovered to hold more than 22
      billion dollars’ worth of gold. That is one single temple holding that much
      wealth. Thousands of temples and palaces were looted during the British Raj and It
      was this money that funded the industrial revolution.

      It was repulsive to see the writer completely ignore the
      evils committed on Indians and calls the British rule in India as “an act of
      complicity, a joint venture between the elites of the two nations”. Seriously? An
      act of complicity where around 1.8 billion Indians died of starvation due to
      heavy taxation by the British during the 300 years of British rule. A Joint
      venture between the elites of two nation where Britain took India’s 23% share of world economy and reduced it to 4%.  I wonder if he closes his eyes and forces himself to believe he is invisible.

    1. Roy Zemach Daniel day Lewis have a film this year. It’ll be interesting year for awards

    1. Nick How old are you? You know millennials are people in their mid 20s and early 30s, right? The kids that grew up with the characters in the comment are Generation Zs because that generation started in the late 90s.

    1. Rhobbie Tuazon gary oldman was pretty underrated by the Oscar. at least,he got nomination for tinker tailor soldier spy and that’s it. he should nominated for sid and Nancy,Leon the professional,and true romance. this guy is chameleon

    2. Mohd Amerul Aidil every role he has is such astonishment. You can’t even tell that it’s him. I am so disappointed he hasn’t got his Oscar yet.

    3. The Oscars are full of shitheads for not giving him an Oscar already, as well as not giving him a nomination until Tinker Tailor, which he should’ve won IMO.

  4. Gary Oldman is an underrated character actor. He gained weight and got plastic surgery.

  5. At first I fought: Where the hell is Gary Oldman?
    Then I realized that he is Churchill, seems like he completely vanishes in this role. once again

    1. Oh damn, perfect actor for Stannis, and yet the show ruined the character. Just like what they did to Barristan, Doran and Areo.
      But Dillane was fcking perfect.

    1. I’m a bit tired of seeing DDL advertised everywhere. He’s good, but Gary Oldman is the best. I never see Oldman in any role he’s in. The only role I can say Day-Lewis really made me forget I was watching him was My Left Foot. There Will Be Blood and Gangs of New York, two roles I see brought up a lot with him, he played sociopaths that seemed not to be completely all that different to me. Yeah they had different intentions and all within the plots of the movies, but personality wise, if you pissed them off just right, they’ll go off on you and it could get violent, so the outcome could be very similar. Oldman is the modern day Man of a Thousand Faces. Changing his voice and appearance all the time. He should have multiple Oscars already, but only has one nomination, which he should’ve won for anyway.

    1. Michael Menesse The One True King. The One True Actor To Play Him. The One Character They Ruined The Most In The Show

    1. Harsh Parmar I want Gary Oldman to win but ddl gonna retire and it’s nice for him to tie Hepburn record of winning 4.

    1. Cossacorum Terror The second best ever to me. ;-)
      I’m in love with Day-Lewis since There Will Be Blood.

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