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The true story of the 1973 tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs.

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This article has 52 Comments

    1. @MiscStuff I think it’s because there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes in this match than the others not some part of a feminist agenda like it seems you and other commenters think but hey you can be a dumbass if you want whatever

    2. Alice in Chains considering they are making a movie over this plot I totally saw that coming

    3. Alice in Chains actually the guys won 2/3, but would this really be a movie if riggs beat king, no

  1. Stupid commenters talking about spoiler alert the girl wins, we know who wins by Googling it

    1. Hell, reading through the comments makes you wonder if these people even fully understand that this actually happened.

    2. the commenters aren’t stupid… (well, not all at least); it’s a joke, similar to “spoiler” jokes about the Titanic or the outcome of other historical events. Even if it wasn’t a joke and more of a troll comment, the troll comment serve its purpose.

    3. Even if they aren’t stupid and are just trolls, every other person commenting that joke is annoying

  2. Understanding that this is a true story. It still strikes me as a political propaganda act. :/ Hollywood isn’t even being subtle anymore.

    1. Of course its propaganda. They didn’t make a movie about Courts loss to him earlier that year or about Navratilovas loss to Connors. The ladies lost 2 out of the 3.

    2. LOL, literally every work ever is political. And Hollywood has been way less subtle than this before, honey

    3. Jared Vester man there are barely any sports movies about women anyway. The fact that this is going to be a prominent film about a prominent pioneer for women in sports does not strike me as propaganda, it strikes me as a story waiting to be told. Billie Jean King was a woman before her time and excellent subject for a sports film- this is an important event in the history of American sports and it deserves to be told.

  3. of course the female has to win other wise the movie would get destroy with hate

    1. if you’re saying that any movie thats against sexism is “anti-male” youre digging yourself a grave by saying all men are sexist

      are you stupid? or just a man

    2. the point of the story is literally proving a sexist man wrong

      why is this an issue for you

      why are you so bitter

    3. Dausen Moore I agree that what you just said is annoying. But that’s not even present here, this movie is not an example of that cause it’s a true story

      Yes, IF it wasn’t a true story and IF it was the other way around, people would complain. But it’s neither of those things, so stop complaining for no reason

    4. “the point of the story is literally proving a sexist man wrong”

      No, it seems like the whole reason he did it was to get a bunch of press and fame.

  4. You can tell the girls are going to win by the fact that’s a true story and they did.

    1. I actually looked it up, basically it was all an overt publicity stunt but there were two different guys that played three different girls in three matches. Riggs won the first match then lost a second against a different woman. Then later a different guy won against another girl despite the rules being changed to favor her greatly. So basically an old guy won once and lost once against much younger women then a 40 year old man and a 35 year old woman played with the rules changed so that she got to serve twice as often and his side of the court was bigger and she lost. Honestly I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it but it seems like there ought to be better girl power stories to tell than this, it was just a cash grab for both sides.

  5. Alright, now let’s make a film about the recent story of a professional women’s soccer team getting demolished by a bunch of 15 year old males. Let’s break that box office, people!

    1. I thought the pro team was just screwing around during a scrimmage with them where they weren’t really trying to win. At least, that’s what I read in a few of the articles I read. They went on to beat Russia like 3-0 so idk

    2. Then it’s a similar situation, as one side is handicapped versus another? (55 yr old versus a 30 yr old)?

    1. That’s speculation- not proven. Also, why would that be in the trailer?

    2. StillUpsetAboutRobbStark how else would he have lost… the worst pro male tennis player could face the best female tennis player and win. It’s just biology.

    3. California Phantom The worst pro male tennis player could beat the best female tennis player? What era are we talking? lol because I’m sure Serena would destroy the bottom of the barrel of the men’s division.

    1. Yo, this isn’t twitter or facebook. There are some shitty people on youtube you don’t want messing with any of your personal information, even a real name. It’s called privacy and being cautious.

  6. There’s a reason why I can’t take humanity seriously.

    Because of bullshit like this…

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