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In April 1980, armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London and took all inside hostage. Over the next six days a tense standoff took place, all the while a group of highly trained soldiers from the SAS prepared for a raid the world had never seen the likes of.

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    1. Now you just piss taking, there can not be real people like you anymore, not normal anyway.

      Firstly we Europeans aren’t a race(forgetting Celt, Slav, Germanic and so on), get that out of your head, like not all Africans are the same, it’s a lazy way of grouping people, also what about the achievements of China & Japan or early Islam with the famous library of Baghdad, or the advancements within the Ottoman Empire, who had European slaves, so advanced we were, enslaved by the inferiors.

      We have indeed contributed a lot in the last 400 years, but that doesn’t preclude to us being the best, you are ignoring the parts before then, which helped, before then it was a thousand years before Europeans made any real contribution I.e Greece and Rome, there was a large span of time in Europe as the known period called the dark ages did hardly anything of real note.

      That be fooled by our current ascendancy as evidence of supposed superiority, there was a time when we wasn’t and others were.

      Your kind of thinking will make us weak and complacent, it’s just pride before the fall, predictions already see our fall, however slow it may be.

      Read Guns & Germs to get a better understanding.

    2. “Guns Germs and Steel” is nonsense and has been rebutted. Europeans just have a combination of a strong work ethic, high average IQ, and good creativity. Also they’re a very peaceful race. We form very high-trust societies with low crime. Look, you can disagree, and that’s fine. But you’ll never change the fact that humans naturally prefer their own genetic kin. Racial ingroup preference is a thing that *naturally* happens and we shouldn’t fight it. Humans aren’t meant to live in diverse societies, because those kinds of societies aren’t conducive to happiness or community-building.

    3. I actually saw the film at a Film Fest screening last night and it really wasn’t that bad, not great but definetly not bad. It showed both sides of the story and made you empathise with both the police and the terrorists. The film doesn’t take a side with either group, instead it tells the story as it happened. Nothing made up or added to make the police look better or the terrorists look worse. As for the quality of the film as a film, it’s nothing too extraordinary. There were good performances, it was well edited and it wasn’t dragged out. (hour and a half runtime) there were a few characters that weren’t developed enough and it takes a while to get to the actual siege of the embassy. I know you don’t care about some dude’s opinion on the film but I think you shouldn’t judge a film based on a bad trailer. (trailer is a bit deceptive) Alright see ya round.

    4. Alright lets rebuke this one by one.

      1)Europeans don’t have a stronger work ethic(hundred years be-hide) anymore hence the importing of cheap labour and offshoring.

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      Maybe we are superior where it comes to war, something I wouldn’t say is something to be proud about.

      5)Japan and Korea have very low crime rate, lower then most Western countries, Russia and America, predominately white have some of the worse crime statistics.

      I never once said we don’t have in-group preference, I said it makes perfect sense, you don’t run counter to your group, because that normally hurts your own success, but it’s a far greater step to say you are superior to others.

      The reason why diverse society have done bad, because it was done for economic reasons not social ones, America did well, when it had periods of migration then less, because it gave time to such groups to fit in, but constant flow causes issues.

      Maybe make rational arguments against migration.

      Be careful down the path you lead.

    1. I was just telling my parents this, movie names are getting less and less creative.
      “6 Days”

    2. Evan Guthrie Yeah well I think in these cases the movie speaks for itself. It would be an entirely different case if the movie was strictly fiction. Then the title would be important I think

    1. Speed it’s based on real events so probably no sequel. If it was 7 days it’ll at least have to be a zombie movie.

  1. My great uncle was one of the SAS operators that stormed the embassy, it’s sad he’ll never get to see this film after dying last year but I hope he’ll be acknowledged maybe they do the same thing as they did in lone survivor and show pictures of the actual guys

    1. They weren’t religious, they were Iranian Arabs who wanted independence from Iran and besieged an IRANIAN EMBASSY. Since anytime you hear an accent, you obviously can’t help yourself and start bringing religion into it. #dumbass

    1. I think your comment falls flat since true stories have been around since cinema began. The very first movie was just shots of people walking around the city going about their everyday lives

  2. YouTube is so much better if you watch the video first without reading the comments. You get an idiotic free impression.

  3. Terrorism has changed a lot, over the past 100 years. It’s not really about the religion that any of the fighters were brought up in. Sometimes, groups just wanted political prisoners freed from a government, so they take high profile hostages. Some groups just attacked government buildings and hoped their message would be understood. Since September 11th, 2001 terror has drastically changed. Now, all anyone seems to focus on, is where the terrorists were from, so they know who to hate back. The problem is, no one focuses on what started the hate, why they were raised in it and what they want.

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